What should you do when your Plan A fails in life?

Life is short. Life is beautiful. Enjoy your life. These are the words that you hear often from everyone. What if there is some difficulty in the short, beautiful and enjoyable life? We get disappointed!! So what should one do if he/she fails in their life? Read more to find out!!

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Jio Data Leak: My perspective about the leak and how to stay safe in the future

Reliance Jio is the most buzzed word from the year 2016. Jio is famous for its “free data” that it had offered in the last year. From April 2017 it’s users had to pay for the services that it is being offered by the service provider. The services are far cheaper than the other competitors in the market. Jio is the game changer in the Indian telecom sector, the monopoly of the prices was broken. But does that mean to compromise on our personal data?? Keep reading the post and I’ll tell you what happened.

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