What should you do when your Plan A fails in life?

Life is short. Life is beautiful. Enjoy your life. These are the words that you hear often from everyone. What if there is some difficulty in the short, beautiful and enjoyable life? We get disappointed!! So what should one do if he/she fails in their life? Read more to find out!!

The life that we are living in is very much uncertain. We have to know that there is nothing so close to perfection in this universe except the universe itself. It is a fact that the only thing certain in this universe is uncertainty. We live in a world where uncertainty takes the lead.


When we fully understand that there is nothing more than uncertainty in this world, we start to expect less from everyone. We should always be happy/sad with our own performance, as we are in control of ourselves.

Never expect anything from anyone.

Always expect the unexpected!!

When life takes a wrong turn, it’s on us on how do we take it forward. I don’t want to bore you with more stuff, but let me mention that, if plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in English Alphabet. You need not worry when something failed which you felt is the best because the almighty always has the best plan for you. With any failure never come to a conclusion that it’s the end of life, you’ll have to carry on with an optimistic thought in your head that the best is waiting for you ahead.


Always be optimistic in thoughts and spread good vibes to the environment around you. Although it’s tough to be happy when something close to our heart fails, but it’s important for us to understand that the master plan of ours is in the hands of the lord almighty, what all we can do is to perform the best of our abilities in every opportunity that is being provided to us and leaves the rest in the hands of almighty. If we really worth it, we will definitely get it.

If at all you need any plan, plan whatever you do is right.

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