Jio Data Leak: My perspective about the leak and how to stay safe in the future

Reliance Jio is the most buzzed word from the year 2016. Jio is famous for its “free data” that it had offered in the last year. From April 2017 it’s users had to pay for the services that it is being offered by the service provider. The services are far cheaper than the other competitors in the market. Jio is the game changer in the Indian telecom sector, the monopoly of the prices was broken. But does that mean to compromise on our personal data?? Keep reading the post and I’ll tell you what happened.

Reliance Jio apart from free data is known for its faster activation via the e-KYC activation through the Aadhar card. It is no doubt that it is fastest activation process, which is activated through our biometrics. Biometrics are to be kept very safe so as to know one’s identity and that’s the reason aadhar was introduced to remove all the fake identity.


In recent times, a website named:, popped up and started displaying the complete information of the personal details when entered his phone number. The aadhar id column was shown empty in few cases but in few cases reported that their aadhar id was shown.

Why should this be a concern to us? Well, the answer is simple, the data that is leaked is our personal information and that could be misused by someone else or simply you could get more spam calls and disturb your privacy. Reliance Jio authorities told the information is not authentic, but the reports say the information displayed on the website is true. This is worst breach of data in the Indian telecom history. Reliance Jio has however told it would take the measures to keep the data safe, but we’ll have to think twice now.


My perspective: Jio is definitely a game changer in the field on Indian Telecom department. We need such players to emerge to change the phase of looting the customers with high data and call costs. But this doesn’t mean to compromise on our personal space and our privacy. The data leak is true, and I think Jio should enforce trust on us that this won’t repeat again. If our privacy is compromised for the cost of the data I think it would be best to move on to the other operators, which are expensive than Jio, but at least our personal data is not leaked.

Few tips to be safe: Be careful to give your personal data to anyone. Aadhar is a very vital id proof which has all the biometric information and the government is linking several different schemes to it. We have to be double extra cautious while somebody asks our aadhar number. Always give your aadhar number to trusted people/websites.


Keep an eye on your URL bar, which says HTTP or HTTPS. It’s always to give your personal details to a website which says HTTPS, which means secured. The digital world has several things to offer, but at the same time, it is very much difficult to hide our personal identity from it.


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