International Yoga day!

What does Yoga mean?? Why is it famous?

Yoga has its ancient roots in India. The country is unique in its own flavor and blends of culture and ethnic diversity.

Yoga is said to be a spiritual practice but it is also the best way to stay healthy and it keeps all the diseases away from us.

It helps to maintain the harmony of the body with that of the mental health.


What yoga means to me: Whenever I do yoga, I feel there is a new energy that is flowing into me. The positive vibrations help to work harder and push my limits to make things happen. I never knew the advantages of yoga, but once I started I understood what does it offer other than just a better health.


Do yoga and stay fit. As today is International Yoga Day, I felt this is the best time to speak about Yoga. It’s best to do Yoga every day and you’ll surely enjoy its benefits.


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