The AMD Ryzen 7

AMD Ryzen 7 is one of the latest processors released by AMD. Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD launched the product on a global scale. The whole lineup is built on 14nm Fin FET process type, which has greater thermal stabilities. The Ryzen 7 has an AM4 socket for motherboards.


AMD Ryzen 7 has 3 variants with the base variant clocked at 3.0 GHz. The maximum clock speed that can be achieved for the highest variant is 4.0 GHz. The pricing is from $328.99 to $498.99, which is far cheaper when compared to the Intel core i7 7th Generation processors, which show an equivalent performance. The power consumption range from 65W to 95W based on the model you choose.


The new Ryzen 7 has the Zen core architecture. Zen is based on a SoC design: By integrating a memory controller, PCIe controller, SATA, and USB into the actual die, AMD is able to build those individual functions on the same leading-edge process technology as the SoC itself. Below is the micro-architecture of the Zen core:220px-zen_microarchitecture-svg

This has AMD SenseMI Technology which has the following technologies:

  • Pure Power
  • Precision Boost
  • Extended Frequency Range
  • Neutral Net Prediction
  • Smart Refresh

The Zen Architecture claims to have better performance with lower power consumption. The Ryzen 7 has 20MB of total cache which helps in faster processing.

I feel that AMD has improved a lot on its abilities and has subscribed for improvement. The low cost, low power consumption, and high performance will be a huge plus for hardcore gamers. AMD also claims that this processor supports 4K gaming which is amazing for a price point of $328.99. The only catch is the availability of motherboards which might be coming in the market really very soon and the reports claim that UEFI boot system and other system components are still under testing. Let’s hope for the best and I would come back with a review on the Ryzen 7 so stay tuned!!

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