Pokemon GO!! What is it??

The new trend – Pokemon Go!!!

What is this POKEMON GO????


Here goes the list

  1. It’s an augmented reality game

  2. Fun to play if you are aware of Pokemon

  3. Common… It’s a game man!! What else reason do you need??


This augmented reality game is really very interesting to play, that’s because you got to roam around your place and finish up the given task!!


  1. Fun to play

  2. Gives you recreation

  3. Helps you to workout(provided if you walk around your surroundings)

  4. You’ll beĀ entertained to play with your favorite POKEMONs


  1. Your productivity decreases

  2. You’ll get highly addictive to this game

  3. There is risk of accidents on highways!!!

  4. You might lose your job as well, be careful!!


The game might be amusing but still, one must not get so involved that would result in disasters.


Android users, be very careful when you are side loading the app as Android security center has detected malware…..


Happy Gaming..!!


Stay Safe while playing… No playing while driving šŸ˜›


Stay tuned for some exciting fun stuff!!



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