The Earth is an Art, The photographer is only a Witness-PHOTOGRAPHY…


A photo reminds us, who we were, what we have become and helps us to reflect at how we have turned out to be. Photos capture moments, which we want to remember for the rest of our lives.

Capturing landscapes and nature’s serenity and freezing it in time, is priceless. The nostalgia felt when one sees old photos of friends; childhood is a feeling, which can only be got from looking at photos. Some of our adventures are etched into our memory; the rest can be preserved carefully in the form of videos and photos. Capturing photos is a hobby for most people. Some just love to take photos.

My friend Kalyan is one among them. But what is photography really about? According to him it’s something which he enjoys doing. He likes to take photos because he feels that photos are the closest he shall get to travel back into time. If we want to re-live a moment in our life, all we need is to look at a photo or a video, vividly recall what ever happened when that photo was taken. Also, he being a gadget freak he loves cameras.

Photographers are usually fascinated and enthralled by the technology working of these wonderful machines. These machines enable us to freeze time,freeze moments. The emotions that can be evoked by a simple photograph are astounding. Every single kind of emotion can be expressed through photography. Sometimes you simply can’t put ideas that you see, into words. Photography does that. It’s writing with our eyes, to put it crudely.

The beauty about photography is that it leaves you surprised. No photo is ever right. You’re either surprised how much better it turned out to be than you thought,or how much worse it turned out than what you thought it would be. You can never look at a photograph you’ve taken and not be surprised by it . This “unknown surprise” is probably what got me hooked. Hoping this article will inspire some of you to “surprise” yourselves, I conclude with a thought:

“Some pictures are worth a thousand words; and some leave you speechless”

A few pictures captured by my friend Mr.Kalyan:





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