READING-An essential skill for engineering student

With a steep increase in competition each passing day, the importance of communication skills has gained tremendous prominence. Today students especially from professional streams are required to possess exemplary communication and language skills in order to succeed.

Most students from the Engineering backgrounds have these career choices after graduation work, pursue MS in foreign universities or go for an MBA. All these options demand a relatively high level of proficiency in language and communication from the student for the selection process.

Exams like GRE and TOEFL test the candidate on the four basic skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing apart from vocabulary and grammar. Reading comprehensive also forms an important part in many competitive exams like CAT,CSAT,XAT etc.

“The habit of reading is the only enjoyment in which there is no alloy; it lasts when all other pleasures fade.”

Apart from providing immense pleasure reading helps us gain knowledge about things happening around us. In fact reading shapes our thoughts and enables us to think better. Reading gives us an edge over others in both professional and social circles. There is a pedagogical reason to the emphasis of reading skills: Readers write better.

To begin with engineering is applying basic and fundamental concepts to solve everyday problems as I have discussed in the very first blog post!! Engineering -The  science in action. In order to accomplish this objective the student is required to read material like text books,journals and so on. If the student is an efficient and effective reader he/she will be able to cover more volume which ensures that more information is at the their disposal.This knowledge when coupled with his logical skills will make them a better engineer. To face examinations students require to retain and reproduce what they read. It has been proven that students who can identify the structure of the writing and appreciate the choice of words have better retention capacities. Hence reading indirectly contributes to academic success.


“Adolescents entering 21st century will read and write more than any other time in human history….They will need literacy to feed their imaginations so they can create the world of future”.



All young people on the road to success must read books. When a person is on the ascending path of his life he is expected to lead a lot of people. To lead you have to read is a golden rule which should be imprinted on the minds of all aspiring engineers. Reading is certainly one of the skills which can make students not only successful but complete individuals.

Stay tuned to check out the reviews of the book ” The leader who had no title” soon!!

Much awaited and interesting articles ahead….

Taking one step forward one can start reading the best books!!



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