Birthday! Few birthdays are worth noting!!

Birthdays are special, the day would be special if it would be the person close to you, that day would be one of the best day of your life!!


A very happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to you!!


Happy birthday Miss. A Swarnamani!! It’s the birthday of my co-blogger!!

She is a July baby! What’s more to say about a July baby?? They are creative, Intelligent and dedicated


To tell about her, she is a creative genius, not to boast much about her! She really has a lot of hidden creativity in her and always strives to get the best out of everything.

Personally, she has a great character and an appealing charisma! She is cool and always helps me to get the best of me!! She is one of my closest friend, trustworthy and loyal.

Off all she loves the colour Pink!!!!!!

I am very much lucky to have you dear!! Once again many more returns of the day!!!!

Swarna papa.jpg


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