After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is-“MUSIC”

Music gives wings to one’s soul. One starts flying, one transcends from the murky depths of the mundane life to the shores of bliss. No matter how your day has been a nice song is like a dose of freshness, it rejuvenates, relaxes, soothes, calms, inspires….some songs become our friends and we can never let go of them. We associate some songs with people in our life, and years down the line the permusicson with whom you associated this song might not be around but that song would always evoke memories. These songs becomes mirrors to our past.

“One good thing about Music, when it hits you,

you feel no pain”.

-Bob Marley


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

and life to everything.”



Music is one of mankind’s greatest gifts. Through music the barriers of time, distance and animosity can be broken. Music heals our mind, it liberates us from the shackles of daily frustrations and elevates us to pastures green.

Stay tuned!! More to come right after this article!!!


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