A friend is a person capable of loving irrespective of whether he is loved or not. Friends are one of the best parts of the college;without them, college life would  not be complete. College is very different from secondary school life. The environment, at our college is both cool and amazing. Our friends here are from all over the state and their different senses of fashion and style have made this campus even more special.

College is a breeding ground for various new groups of friends. College friends can provide some constructive motivation for study and communication. A good college friend will try to steer you in more productive directions and help you make decisions. A good friend will take your hand,redirect your efforts and then openly patronize you for being such an idiot. A good friend won’t hesitate to put their foot down, or pull your collar up if required.


On the other hand, good college friends are also willing to sit at home with you on a Saturday night and watch horror movies hundred times over. College friends are extremely helpful when it comes to proxy attendance,canteen meetings,mass bunks,tours,for passing time etc…,Covering an entire semesters syllabus in one ‘night out’ with friends is truly memorable.


All in all, college friends might seem important for some social,educational, and recreational purposes, but in reality they are so much more. While you spend your college years building up the person you will someday become, your friends systematically pulling pranks on you and laughing in you face will be a great relief. Just know that if you would like an enriching college experience, you should choose your friends wisely, taking advantage of what they have to offer, and be sure to wear elbow and knee pads….

Hope after reading this article you must have cherished your best college moments….

Stay tuned for more updates!!



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