How to enable 2 factor authentication

Let’s look on how to enable 2-factor authentication in Gmail.

Let’s get started!
Go to this following link:

The page would look like this: ss1

Click on get started, and you’ll get the login kind off a page as shown below:ss5 & ss 7

Now you must get the page as shown below and click on get started:


Scroll down


Click on 2-step verification

You’ll again get the sign-in page:ss5 & ss 7


Click on get started, you’ll have to again login into your account


Set your phone number and click on “TRY IT”


Enter the code you got and click on next


Click on turn on


Your 2 stage verification is now active


To setup 2-factor authentication, scroll down a bit and you’ll find the Authenticator APP, click on SET-UP


Click on the phone and click next


Scan the QR code and hit next


Type the code and you are good to go


All done! Now your account is double secured!!


No one can access your account without your codes now!!


Stay Tuned for something awesome!!


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