The Real Time Awkward Situations…..

We come across many awkward situations, if it happens to all of us why the hell is it so awful??

Life is full of awkward situations. We can run away from them(and make things more awkward) or face them head on. Here are some awkward situations you might face regularly and what you can do to get through them while keeping your so called dignity…


  • Standing in an elevator:

Imagine a situation wherein you are into a crowded elevator, facing the opposite direction of everyone else and not being able to turn around. Seems to be so awkward isn’t it? Elevator are just one of those places where there is an expectation of silence. Unless there is a top secret conversations to be had. Small talk in an elevator can be uncomfortable and irritating. Solution to this situation can be like this: Bring headphones…or just take the stairs…

  • Not knowing someone’s name even though they know your’s:

Oh hey…. and the awkward silence. Now you just try to play it cool. Here’s a responsible way to get out of this situation unscathed. Learning how to Facebook stalk on the fly will also be sometimes helpful or ask a friend if available standing beside you to help you come out the awkward situation.

  • When you start laughing really hard and no one else is amused

Just relax don’t try to even make an eye contact with anyone just keep quite in such a situation and things just move on there after. I can understand it’s embarrassing but just leave it for that day and relax thinking that no one will bother much about that.

  • Falling asleep in an inappropriate place:

It wouldn’t be nearly as obvious if you weren’t jolted awake by the sound of your own breath. Make sure that no one notices you if you feel someone noticed I am pretty sure you won’t fall asleep again.

  • Tripping down in a public place:

Sometimes it so happens that we fall down and try to be so smart and let people know that we are pretty much fine. In fact we know what are we actually going through!! There’s just no recovering from that no matter how hard you try. At least you accepted how awkward this is? Sorry I cannot suggest a better solution to this situation.

  • Texting the WRONG person a WRONG message:

That’s why you are always taught to proofread. Once you hit send, there’s no turning back.  Sometimes apologizes may not work so be careful here after. 

awkward feature

Stay tuned for some more interesting posts!!!!!


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