A THOUGHT- Willing to think!!!

Change your thoughts and you change your world….

A human is blessed with the capacity to think, as an asset. there may be no one without thought but it’s not that everyone utilizes it very well. The general thoughts may be of friends, family and future.

Have you ever tried this famous tongue twister “I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought “. uuufffff!! never try such complex things and never confuse yourselves about your thoughts.

There is a lot of difference between think and thought. Now what comes to our crazy minds is the past(thought) and present(think). No no.. this is not what I wanted to convey it not about the regular past and present tense  difference as it shows. If we closely observe, willing to think is a thought itself.

Even though everyone enjoys thinking it is not that they justify them. This marks a huge difference between successful person and a worthless person.

One has to repeatedly think if the thought they thought was effective or not. A thought might not be for the betterment of a person but it ultimately depends on the way one implements it.

A thought is very powerful that it can make one a masochist or a ‘schadenfreude’ or even a bigot. One must sense that a thought is the one that has an impact on our actions. A moment of negative thought is enough to collapse our growth. 

“Be careful folks, a thoughtless man is more dreadful than a work-less man”.

thought image

This is the thought of living being who always keeps thinking of what to think and what a thought can do!

Dedicated to all the people who are thoughtful enough to think!!

Stay tuned for some more interesting articles!!!



One thought on “A THOUGHT- Willing to think!!!

  1. chatdroid says:

    The word ‘thought’ as a verb and noun, steers clear the idea and sums up the view that I thought to think not, beyond this thought “As a man Thinketh” . Still thinking, if what I thought, has sure got through it’s way into your thoughtful mind.

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