Recipe to make a Professional Person

Professionalism: The consistency of quality

We all love to be served after some delicious dish is cooked. Similarly any organization requires a professional person to work for them. Today, Let us discuss how to prepare a professional person. The key ingredients and the method are described as follows:

Ingredients : 

  • Patience – 1Kg
  • Discipline – 1Kg
  • Efficiency – 500gms
  • Unselfishness – 500gms

  • Respect – 2kgs
  • Ethics – 2kgs
  • Knowledge – As per required
  • Competitive spirit – 2 table spoons  


Step wise method: 

  • Mix discipline and patience in your heart.
  • Add the competitive spirit and efficiency.
  • Mix in respect to soften the mixture. Roll the mixture into small balls of knowledge and keep aside.
  • Now add ethics to helping tendencies and heat it to make sweet syrup of honesty.
  • Put the balls of knowledge into the syrup of honesty and allow to cool.
  • Decorate it with confidence and unselfishness.
  • The  professional is now ready to be served to any organization.

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