EMOTION-That’s the way we like it!!

Emotion is nothing but the energy in motion 

Hey guys just imagine, you are talking to a person and he does nothing but just staring at you. how would you understand that he/she understood what you wanted to convey??? Here comes the role of emotions!!!

Emotions convey our thoughts and feelings through our face, even though you don’t voice them. They epitomize the fact that the “As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person”.

Emotions play a vital role in communicating and they determine the body language of a person. Thus, indirectly what we show on our face has a deep impact on our reputation.”My life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it, once said a great humanist”.

There are many theories put forward by various psychologists and psychoanalysts, about how emotions can mould a person. According to one such theory, emotions can neither be healthy or not. Any emotion shown or felt in the limits is always a positive sign of growth! Where we be without healthy anger? We would have no limits to our actions then. Without fear we have no sense of scale.  Without joy we are depressed. These emotions are necessary as the air we breathe, in fact, they are in the air. Without them we are choked off, all our senses are literally muted.

This leads to our final discussion!! What do healthy emotions look like?? Here we must be clear using objective results. Expression of negative emotions can be referred to as a leak in the body and mind. If there is an energy flow with every show of emotions, positive emotions rejuvenate us. Happiness is contagious, ever noticed?? This perfectly fits into what is said above. But negative emotions leave us exhausted since the energy flows out.

The aura around a person depends pretty well on his mindsets and equilibrium of his emotions. Optimists or the Positive thinkers rule the world with a smile. Positive emotions can be highly influential.


Today, the repercussions of emotions are felt even in the internet in the form of emotions! Also the best among them are are the smiley’s. The more animated a smiley gets, the more lively the conversation looks. That’s the reason why our elders said ” A smile can do things what hundred words cannot!”. So keep Smiling and spread happiness….

Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have good sense of humor and good approach to life that’s beautiful!!!! 

smiling face

Stay tuned for more articles….. Until then keep Smiling !!!!!



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