Virtualizing an Operating System

How to install Linux on VMware

Sometimes we would like to try out new operating systems, but fear that where our data would go or get deleted. So in order to prevent we can make use of virtual machines which replicate the Operating System on a host Operating System.

We do have several different software for virtualisation, off them, the famous ones are VMware and Oracle VirtualBox.

So, here I am explaining the process of creating a virtual machine using VMware…. Go through the steps… 

  1. Click on File and New Virtual Machine;1
  2. Then a dialogue box appears, select Typical and hit Next:2
  3. As I have a disc I am selecting Installer disc, if you have an ISO then you can browse the location and select else we do even have an option of creating a blank hard drive3
  4. Usually, it will detect the OS and if detects it directly creates the Operating System, if it doesn’t detect then the below dialogue box will appear: Here select the OS type and the variant4
  5. After hitting next it’ll ask for the name and location for storing the virtual machine. Hit next if you wish to have the default settings, else you can change on your wish:5
  6. Now you’ll get the option to select the hard-disk size, I’ve selected the default size which it has prompted. Hit next once you are done:6
  7. Finally, it shows you the summary of virtual hardware, you can change by clicking on customize hardware else hit finish to create a virtual machine.7
  8. Your virtual machine is created and you can power on to install the OS (if you haven’t) else the operating system will install directly if it detects the OS.8
  9. After switching ON the virtual machine then you got to install the OS if VMware doesn’t detect the OS else the OS shall start normally!!9
  10. Fedora is now starting up!! Cheers!! You’ve installed a virtual machine!!10

Cheers!! Now the Fedora 23 can be installed. Detailed installation guide of Fedora 23 will be posted in a new blog!!


Stay tuned for some more awesome updates, tips, and tricks!!


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