The Tastes Of ANDHRA

If there was ever a competition for cooking up the fieriest delicacies, a native of Andhra Pradesh would certainly win away all the glory. Sweets are produced in abundance in these states which makes it a favorite among the locals. Take a bite of any authentic Telugu dish and you are sure to fan your mouth cool right after the very first bite!!

The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh has truckloads to offer, its wide range of snacks and savouries like putharekulu. boorulu, bobbatlu and ariselu will keep you munching till the end of time will tone down the after effects of the blazing hot delicacies.

Here is the list of Sweetmeats of ANDHRA:

1. Boorelu (Deep Fried Sweet Dumplings)

A regular hit during all Telugu festivals, boorelu is joyously prepared and enjoyed in all Telugu households. Rice flour dumplings are stuffed with aromatic coconut and chana dal mixture.


2. Kajjikayalu

Kajjikaya has a light, crisp exterior and as you bite into this crescent shaped sweet, its crunchy texture with the subtle sweet flavor of dried coconut and sugar laced with a tinge of cardamom, stretches into every bite, leaving you very satisfied and craving for more. The sweetness of the kajjikaya is subtle that you can easily have 2 to 3 kajjikayalu without feeling heavy.


3. Pootharekulu

Pootharekulu or Poothareku (singular) is a popular sweet from Atreyapuram, East Godavari, India.’Pootha’ is coating and ‘Reku’ (plural Rekulu) is sheet in Telugu. PoothaRekulu are also known as ‘Paper sweets’ as they give the appearance of folded paper.


4. Pala kova

Khoa or khoya is a dairy product widely used in South Asian cuisine of India. It is made of either dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating in an open iron pan. It is lower in moisture than typical fresh cheeses such as ricotta.


5. Ariselu

Ariselu or Arisa  is a sweet from Coastal Andhra in Andhra Pradesh. Ariselu is a traditional dish and is prepared during festivities like Sankranti, Dusshera, Deepavali.


6. Bobbattlu

Bobbattlu , also known as Puran poli, is a sweet flat bread from South India.A recipe for Bobbattlu (as Purana) is mentioned in Manasollasa, a 12th century Sanskrit encyclopedia compiled by Someshvara III, who ruled from present-day Karnataka.


7. Kakinada Khaja

Kakinada Khaja  is a sweet delicacy of Andhra Pradesh, India. Kakinada, a coastal city in Andhra Pradesh, is popular for Khajas, hence the name. Kaja originated in the Samarkand area of Uzbekistan. The word “khaja” originated from Arabic, probably meaning “pure” or “sacred”.


8. Karakajjam

Karakajjam is a delicious evening time snack-dessert usually made on special occasions like religious ceremonies and festivals in Andhra Pradesh. This is one of the desserts anyone would die for!


9. Gavvalu (Sweet Shells)

Sweet Shells (Telugu: Gavvalu) is one of the typical sweets made in Andhra Pradesh. It is a mixture (dough) of rice flour and wateror milk. The prepared dough is shaped into small rounds, which are flattened and rolled (on a special tool) so as to take the shape of gavvalu (cowrie shells). These shells are fried in oil or ghee and can be set aside for some time until the diners are ready to eat them. When eaten, these shells are poured into sugar or jaggery syrup.


10. Mamidi Tandra

Mamidi tandra is a fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried. It is also known as Aamta (Assamese),amawat (Hindi), mamidi tandra (Telugu), aamsotto (Bengali) and amba vadi (Marathi). Traditional Aam Papad is sweet, although it is available in different varieties. It can be preserved for months making it popular in the off season of mangoes.

mamidi tandra.jpg

11. Sunnundallu

Sunni vunda, or Sunnundalu is Andhra Pradesh’s famous laddu. Minapappu or Urad Dal is first roasted dry until it turns golden brown and then is sieved. Ground sugar, cardamom seeds, ghee is added and mixed well and then with a handful of butter it is made to a round shape.sunnundalu

12. Junnu

Junnu is cheesy dessert made using colostrum milk. Colostrum milk is milk of a cow or a buffalo during first five or six days of calving. This dish is delicious milk product which is prepared at it’s best in Andhra Pradesh.


13. Appalu

Appalu are an Authentic dish in Andhra Cuisine which are famous for their soft texture and color and of course being not overly sweet. This is an item the whole family can relish and forces you to make again… I bet!.


14. Bandar Laddu

Machilipatnam  is a city in Krishna district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is well known for a sweet known as Bandar Laddu.

bandar ladoo

These are the top 14 delicious sweets of Andhra Pradesh. I am sure after going through this article you must be mouth watering!! Make sure you try these mouth tickling dishes of Andhra and you will surely start loving them and try them again and again.Give a test to your taste bulb!! Stay tuned for more updates……….


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