Linux tips and tricks

How to mount and copy from a pen drive using the terminal in any flavour of Linux.


The following steps will tell you how to copy from pen drive to a local host.

  1. Insert the pen drive
  2. Use this command

    fdisk -l

  3. This command views the devices attached to the local host as shown in the figureNew pg1 edited
  4. Sometimes the pen drive will be mounted in


  5. Else you can create a folder using

    mkdir /mnt/usb/

  6. Now to mount the pen drive onto the /mnt/usb use the following command

    mount /dev/sdb1/ /mnt/usb/

  7. The process can be seen as the following figure:pg 6
  8. Now let’s copy something from the pen drive to the local host
  9. To copy, use the following command:

    cp /mnt/usb/<file_name> <destination_addr>

  10. In the following figure, I’ve used /media/DRAGON as the source and /home/spawan/Desktop as the destinationpg 4.png

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